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Regular and recurring evaluations of asset quality, internal controls and administrative procedures is fundamental to effective risk management

Consumer & Indirect Loan
Portfolio Reviews

Increasing emphasis upon risk management over the course of the past several years has caused many institutions to look more closely at risk within their non-commercial segments of their loan portfolios. Since our inception in 1984, Chaston has performed credit quality reviews in consumer and indirect loan portfolios. Using various loan sampling techniques, the evaluation of underwriting practices and management reporting, Chaston is able to provide a cost-effective assessment of portfolio quality. Our reviews test controls as well as compliance with established policy and procedure, and, where appropriate, introduces best practices recommendations from a real-world perspective. At several clients, Chaston has worked to install efficient consumer loan grading mechanisms, enabling real time reporting on portfolio quality and trends in the credit selection process.

Chaston's understanding of today's key components of consumer lending including  automated underwriting, front-end systems, risk-based pricing, credit scoring and sub prime issues, has enabled our firm to make valid risk assessments and add value to our clients' existing operations. As a bonus, the findings of our independent consumer/indirect loan reviews may provide meaningful insight to be incorporated into your institution's reserve analysis.

To learn more about how Chaston may be able to assist you in managing risk in the consumer and indirect lending areas, please contact Jack D'Ambrosia at 978.686.3688 or

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